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Top Small Business Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2023

Digital marketing
12 min read

A Seamless Customer Experience

Think about this for a second: how many different ways do you interact with a brand? Let’s list a few:

Well, you’ve first got their company website you can visit, and maybe even an app.

Most brands usually have, at minimum, one active social media channel, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. And obviously, some brands have all the socials under the sun.

Have you ever received an email or text message from the brand, like a newsletter or promotional (a.k.a discount code)? If so, that’s another brand interaction.

That’s already five different touchpoints, not including any interactions you may have with them in person. This just goes to show that customers don’t engage with brands through just one method or channel — they expect a “unified marketing front” across the board.

Their customer experience should be complete and seamless no matter which channels they interact with. Now, two broad concepts will be at play here to accomplish this: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Omnichannel Marketing.

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