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3D & Animation

storytelling is what we do, this's just how we happen to do it
Independent creative agency operating out of Houston, tx

For each new project, there must be new research and planning done in order to properly prepare. Once all information is gathered on the subject matter, company, and overall goal of the job, the animator can begin the technical work. Technical work begins with tasks like keyframing and posing. As each scene goes through phases of completion, the animator will need to have it reviewed by supervisors and clients. This feedback will help them make sure the project is turning out exactly as envisioned. Upon completion of a project, an artist is responsible for rendering the scene and ensuring that it is delivered to the client in the preferred format.



Modeling is the stage in which the objects or characters are generated. This can be done either by using a modeling tool or by scanning real objects into a computer. Textures then must be added to the object or character before moving onto the next stage, which allow for a more realistic look, and give the model some personality.


Afterwards a layout must be determined by creating a set and adding objects into it. Then, the objects and characters must be animated by assigning animation variables. From there, models within the scene can be given life through either keyframing or motion capture.


This is where the scene is generated into the finished image. It is done using specific software, as the process of rendering is not something a typical computer could handle. A project can be rendered to favor more realistic results, or can be rendered to apply a particular art style. Either option depends on the project and its requirements, as well as general visual preference.


Our secret method to the madness



Your business is unique, and so are your inherent strengths and weaknesses. That's why we research first: competitor analysis, market positioning, brand foundations, etc. We discover structural building blocks that become your brand.



We don’t guess, we strategize. We hit the digital scratchpad to compute and formulate a grand strategy for your brand. We do this with content, graphics, patterns, typography, and a ton of experience. We start to build a solid foundation.



With our strategic design approach and technical expertise, we focus by developing your grand strategy into something real and tangible. Ensuring your business is easily located on the web, with animations, transitions, and interactions.



Congratulations! Defined, designed, refined, and perfected. Whether it's a marketing campaign or a fresh new website, we roll up our sleeves and pursue this moment right here. Some agencies deliver assets, but we make sure to deliver solutions.